Hey all,

Working on some new tunes, decided to use one of them as a playground for testing out new production techniques I've been reading up on. From a compositional standpoint, I'm aware there needs to be better transition between the ideas and there's room for vocals, but I just want this critiqued from a mix/production standpoint.

C4C as always.

i really like the way it starts, The drums and guitars sound really cool. I like the snare drum and how cut and dry it is.

I dig the 0:43 part with the drums and bass. Vocals would sound good around that point.

Maybe a little more panning with the guitars so it sounds more full, it all sounds great so far man. Add vocals to the song and pan the guitars and that will improve this piece.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1605492