Hi, new to the forum here... I play mostly hard rock & metal & have wound up bypassing all of the pots entirely on the last 3 guitars I have owned to get a much more aggressive tone than the stock 500k pots would allow... I have not tried 1 meg pots (or even 2 meg pots, I saw online?), as none of the local stores stock them & I avoid ordering things online as much as possible... Does anybody here actually know what difference in tone (if any) 1 meg or 2 meg pots would produce vs. the completely bypassed "no pots" method I have been using??? Anybody have any actual experience with this???
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P.S. - I have gotten great results with this "zero impedance" bypassed wiring method with Duncan Distortion & 80s era Ibanez V5 blade pickups... SD Dimebucker, not so much. That pickup sounded like a raging telecaster made out of tin or something wired this way. It was awful!!! Lol
1Meg volume pots have been used, but rare. Often as a result of modding to get that last extra bit bit more brightness out of the pickup when the pot is turned to full resistance.

By the time you've started considering 2Meg though, there is no point. It won't be a lot different to 1Meg and bypassing it won't sound much different compared to when its at max resistance
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