So I've been looking at soldering irons on the internet, reading reviews and whatnot. I'm trying to find a good station for wiring pickups. The Aoyue 937 fits my price range, and seems to have the specifications I need.

Really I'm just looking for a reliable one, I don't plan on buying another in a couple years, so I'm willing to pay up to maybe $75 to get a good one.
Are there any soldering irons built to cater more to pickups (I mean- soldering irons are soldering irons, I can't imagine there being any DIFFERENCES) but I just want to make sure I'm getting my money's worth.
A soldering iron is a soldering iron. the adjustable ones are better than the old school 25-40 watt irons. But any will work if you can solder properly.

The adjustable ones are better for doing work on PCB's and other fragile pieces that need high heat with less time using the iron.
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Getting wires of off prewired pots with a cheapo 30 watts might be a pain. You have to heat it way to long for the wires to come off. So a higher watt iron might be usefull at certain moments. But for working on PCB's, you want to be carefull not to heat the board or the components to hot for to long, so I would go with a adjustable
For standard guitar wiring work with no PCBs a standard 40watt non adjustable iron will do. It can tin and solder all your wires and also solder to a pot without having to wait a year for the heat to bring it on.

Importantly though, use 0.7mm (or finer) solder. Don't use thick stuff thats over 1mm.
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Gas (butane) powered ones are so much better than electrics!
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Quote by ethan_hanus
Yeah, I'm using some cheap Weller soldering iron that I haven't' changed the tip on in a few years, seems to work good enough, as long as I keep the tip clean.

That's because Weller is cheaply priced however it is some of the best stuff you can buy. After three and a half years of building PCBs for various different things in school one thing I learned is that a Weller soldering station is THE best investment if you are soldering lots. The WES51 (http://www.apexhandtools.com/brands/CF_Files/model_detail.cfm?upc=037103191311) is my favorite hands down, plus being a station the soldering pencil doesn't get screaming hot allowing long working sessions.

Quote by FischmungaXTR
Gas (butane) powered ones are so much better than electrics!

Butane is most certainly not better than electric, I do not know where you got this idea from but you were fed wrong information. Butane soldering irons are fed from a fuel this means the heat is not even and not easily controlled. The tips on butane fueled irons can have hot spots that can burn what you are trying to solder, or even worse as they start running out of butane they start producing less heat, this means a higher chance of solder not sticking or worse getting a cold solder joint. Electric irons provide a constant and even heat providing you with the most reliable solder connections each time.

Back to the OP I can't comment too much on the brand you are looking at as I have never dealt with them personally; however from what I read the 937 sound like a great product. The only thing that concerns me is it is extremely cheap for a digitally controlled unit making me question how reliable it will be, as we all know cheap electronics are generally pretty shoddy quality. Regardless of your choice when you go buy an iron or station just remember to properly tin the tip and use liquid flux even if the solder claims to have a flux core.
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I have a Radio Shack brand digital station and find it suits me for anything I've encountered yet. Presets are nice so once you find a temp that suits a particular need you can save it. The default tip is very narrow and works for most everything but if you are trying to solder/desolder a ground wire onto a pot or trem claw it's useful to keep a broader tip at hand.
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even cheapos will do you well, as long as you either keep the tips clean or replace tips often