As said in the title, I am planning to buy a new guitar.

I had an ltd alexi 600 that was really nice, I mean, I loved the neck, it was perfect. Love the V shape, and it sounds very good.

I had to sale it few years ago.

But now, I would like to buy a new guitar that has more options so the jackson king V was looking good to me. I just wonder how the neck feel. There is no one close to where I live.

The esp alexi is a thin U neck.

Do you guys know anything so you can guide me.

Thank's a lot.
With guitars, you really have to try them out, especially when it comes to the feel of the neck and all the subjective features. Some people will like the former more than the latter and vice versa.
Yes i know but where i am, there is nothing. It s hours from here.

I basically just need to know if the neck shape of jackson are fat round D or more like a U thin or close to this.