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Sorry I could't think of a good title for this one. But anyway, are there guitarists that you like that when you listen to them play, it sparks some sort of feeling in you? When I listen to Dimebag Darrell play, specifically on songs like Floods and Cowboys From Hell, it gives me the biggest grin of all time. I turn it up and just smile. Listening to him makes me happy/proud to play guitar. What are your thoughts?
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The solo for Siberian Khatru on Yessongs (live album 1973), to me, is the most emotionally intense guitar solo ever. I recommend anyone listen to this. Also, in general the recordings on that live album are much better than the studio ones.
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John Frusciante. both his solo stuff, and the RHCPs albums have solos which put a smile on my face or can make me fell quite sad.
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Early Stevie Ray Vaughan always does it for me: his playing could be so assaulting, and really make you think about the music on a bigger level than metaphors or technicality, but just raw emotion.
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Roddy Bottum

Ah man, there's just no way I can look cool when I tell everyone my favourite guitarists second name is Bottum... Godamnit...

Also Jonny Greenwood is amazing, each note is worth a thousand words. But again seriously lacking cool-ness or edgyness there.
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No joke. Andy Mckee. I recommend the songs Drifting, Rylynn, and Gates of Ghomeria. He has a unique style. And is one of the worlds best guitarist. By the way, he doesnt use a pick. Hahaha.Youll see what I mean by that. I listen to his music whenever Im really calm and mellow.
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Carlos Santana,
Steve Vai especially the solos when he played with Whitesnake,
Andy Timmons guitar playing gives me goosebumps sometimes,
Greg Howe...
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Jeff Beck and Mike Stern. They 'get me'.
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