Can anyone tell me what effects are used in this solo? is it a crybaby or is it autowah?will a tubescreamer into a compressor and wah do well? the solo is very simple but the way morello plays it is beyond amazing.
Just wah
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Tom has a super simple pedalboard. It varies a bit, but for Audioslave it was usually wah, tremolo, Whammy, an EQ (only for volume boost), sometimes a Phase 90, and a digital delay. For this solo, I would predict it's just wah. He doesn't use any dirt pedals, just his amp's distortion.
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the wah sounds really crazy because its vintage, from the 1980's. it would be hard to match it exactly but any cry baby would do the job