Hey guys, I've had my Fender Tele for about 5 months now. While playing today, I noticed I couldn't get it to stay in tune for very long. Basically what's happening is when i go to tune a string, it starts of sharp and immediately starts falling flat. It's not super noticeable to me personally, but it's enough to make my tuner not know what to do. I apologize if this is improperly posted, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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How old are you strings? Could be that.

It also could be to do with how you wind your strings around the machine heads. How do you wind them?
^ that. And when you change strings, remember to stretch them thoroughly. Try reading through the Setup sticky in this sub-forum.
Do you have locking head tuners by any chance? If worst comes to worst, try adjusting the nut or upgrading to locking tuners.
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This is the best way to string your tuners. I've been working as a guitar tech for a couple years and this is the method I use. It works wonders, especially on hard tail guitars such as yours.

Thanks JustRooster, I was taught how to change strings by my dad years ago, but I'll try out this option. Thanks again!