If you guys can help me. I'm looking for a 6 string guitar tab with standard tuning that i can play solo. something long so i can get good practice with it. i know i can advanced search this and hit sort by rating, but i dont really want a song thats divided by intro, chorus, prechorus, solo, outro and etc etc. i just want a tab thats long and challenges me. thanx in advance
Try Perpetual Burn by Jason Becker. That's hard; basically all-guitar.
Or Technical Difficulties by Racer X
A lot of Malmsteem, eg: Black Star, Trilogy Suite Op. 5
But he uses a lot of Synth in his stuff too (if that bothers you at all)

These are all songs I used as warm/ups practicing exercises, they're great because they're long, sporadic, and guitar-orientated.

Hope this helps.
Holy wow. Thanks for the suggestions, I am keeping them. But does anyone know anything that's at the most, half that speed? BPM are fine. I just can't do those what do you call it arpeggios?