Hello, I need help deciding between these two amps. I plan to busk with acoustic guitar and vocals plugged in. I am leaning toward the roland street cube since I have read that it is quite loud (even though its only 5 watts) but I have read that the AC-33 is better at capturing the natural acoustic tone of a acoustic guitar. The downfall is that I read reviews about the AC-33 has a good tone but its not that loud and when you turn it up the quality of the sound decreases, especially when operating on just batteries.

Ive heard nothing but good things about the street cube, plus it is about 100 dollars cheaper than the AC-33. Although I dont mind paying an extra 100 bucks for a great tone that the roland cube street cant give me with an acoustic guitar.

None of my guitar stores have the Street cube and I was wondering if anyone who owns either of the amps can offer me some insight as to which option would be best.

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