Poll: Do you still have have your first crappy acoustic (if it was your first guitar)?
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View poll results: Do you still have have your first crappy acoustic (if it was your first guitar)?
43 66%
22 34%
Voters: 65.
Just as as the title says.

I am thinking of selling it as I don't play it anymore (I play electric), and the money earned from it will be helpful, but I have this feeling I should keep it as it was where my guitar interest was first sparked. It's probably not worth much to sell, but I have no use for it, and it would be helpful for someone who wants to start learning guitar. So, UG, do you still own yours?

I know a lot of people who started on acoustic, then went on to electric after a while, but if your first guitar was an electric, then please don't vote.
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No, my brother took it while I was living abroad. Which actually made me happy that he was trying to pick up guitar and I haven't asked for it back. It's a crappy $80 guitar and I don't have that sentimental value thing.

A classical guitar actually.
It's still the only not electric one I own :P
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Epiphone SG special! still own that bad boy, although it is well retired from getting played regularly.
It was a 6 string. The 12th fret resided right next to the body of the acoustic guitar. I got him at the age of 8. The strings were a few cm's higher from the fretboard than I'd of liked. I started learning my right handed friend, left handed. Because I oddly found it easier to handle him. 4 years later I picked him up right handedly and never looked back. I was happy...

At the guitars age of 8, I am afraid to say I took him to rest. I had acquired new guitars. They out shined my old friend by miles. So one day I decided to take him to the outside world. To the park. We sat on a bench and I cried. I knew it was over. I knew I couldn't continue life with my first acoustic.

I decided to give him one last strum before I committed this selfish act. The way that A minor chord sounded.. I'll never forget. So flat. So dirty, yet so innocent.

After snapping one string off at a time, the next few moments were a blur to me. I found myself on my knees. With the remains of the guitar around me. Shattered and broken. I pulled myself together and decided to leave the scene of the crime. On my way out of the park I noticed a G string laying there. I picked it up and decided to keep it as a token of our love.

The G string was always my favorite.

TLDR; I don't have my first guitar anymore. It died. I am not a murderer.
I still have both my first electric and acoustic. Sure I don't play them anymore and they're just taking up space. But I still like to have them around, kind of an appreciation of my history. Plus it wouldn't even be worth it to sell them, I'd probably get about $60 for both combined, they're worth more to me sitting on the stand than $60 I'll probably piss away into my gas tank
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I wish I did. I could only afford £20, so bought a cheap classical guitar. It sounded like twanging a ruler on a cardboard box but the intonation was so much sweeter than any guitar I've had since. I miss it.
i trashed my first pawn shop electric, still own my first real guitar though. still have my first acoustic.
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My first was a classical guitar. It's at my parents' house but it's still in relatively good condition.

And now you're a member of the gain \/\/hores. Interesting...

OT: I still own my first acoustic. It's a 70$ Lauren that I got from my uncle for free.
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I got mine for free because I spent more than $400 at a store on drum stuff (cymbals, hardware, etc.). It must have been a cheap piece of shit because one day when I came home, the head had snapped off of the neck, I guess from the tension of the strings. So I smashed it to bits, just for the giggles.
I've never actually owned an acoustic. My dad has one but I've only used it once or twice.

Still got my first electric, but I never use it anymore.
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Yep. A Yamaha F310.

Still plays good, still sounds good.

I've been thinking about getting a better acoustic (like a Martin D35), but my sense of it is that I'd be paying $2500 for a 10% better sound.

Acoustics sound like acoustics. I even read that Brian May used the same crappy acoustic for all his work in Queen. Nobody noticed or cared, soooooo....
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Yeah, well first for a long time without one. A $75 classical. Now I took the frets out about a year ago and tune to C standard, it's better than it ever was
Mine broke in an extremely hot day. It was a 20 year old nylon string that originally belonged to my uncle. One day I heard a lot of cracking and popping coming from my room and walked in to see that the glue around the body had melted, the strings had expanded, then shrunk so much that the tension pulled the soundboard away from the the body and cracked halfway up. It was gruesome.
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I broke that piece of shit as soon as I got a new one.
best part about it was that it was a rickenbacker
it was fake
Ecko 12 string - with the original strings bought for my birthday in 1980!
i still have mine and i don't think it's crappy - it's not brilliant, but there's nothing wrong with it
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Mine was a 3/4 size brandless acoustic that i got for £36. And no, its not alive today xD
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