Hello everyone!
I'd like to buy a new guitar, but i don't know which is better, so I thought there's someone around here who could give me some advice of which I should buy.
At the moment I have an Ibanez AEG10-EBK, it's a wonderful guitar, but I just don't like it anymore and I'd like to change it.
As the Ibanez was my first guitar, I searched the web for similiar Ibanez guitars and I found some, like the Ibanez AEL10E-MBS and the Ibanez AEL40SE-RLV, but then I found other ones, like the Crafter GAE8-N and the Yamaha FGX 720SC BS.
I'd like to know which one of those is the best, or if you could tell me other guitars within the same price rank(300€-500&euro it would be also great.
Thanks a lot and I hope you can help me