A work-mate gave me a battered classical guitar which has absolutely no indication of who made it or where it came from.
The only thing printed on it is what looks like "3" inside the sound hole, coincidentally 3 was the amount of strings on it when he gave it me.

The neck also looks like it's made from 3 pieces of wood glued together, you can just about see it on the pic of the headstock/fretboard.

Anyone any ideas?

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No idea. Restring it, play it, and tell us how it plays. Cheers
Learn to play 3 chords on it and then you will be able to master the whole of American popular music culture. The attitude problem comes with birth so no need to work on that.
i'm with tuxs....there are so many guitar companies that opened and closed(yours seems to be a subcontracted knock-off- no harm, no foul). string it, have fun with it. learn A G D and you'll master every american song in 15 minutes.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Learn a fourth chord and you will instantly become a jazz and classical American intellectual and get to call yourself Lenny Bernstein.
It sounds fairly decent, intonation is surprisingly spot on although the action is a bit high (probably the nature of classical guitars though).

I've gone one up and learned 4 chords though: C, G, Am and F. Fear my generic pop song prowess.