I just submitted a chord sheet that was transcribed using a capo.
The tuning was standard, except every chord I write is considering the player uses a capo at the first fret.
Should I leave the tuning as 'standard' and just note the capo in the beginning, or is there a special tuning name for that?
Maybe I should just raise everything by half a tone?
Would love to hear your preferences/suggestions.
Cheers and up the irons!
I don't know anything about chords, but I do know there is no special tuning for capos, so you should definitely note it in your tab. The tuning your guitar is set to without the capo is what you should use accordingly, which, in most cases, is usually standard.

As for the actual chords, again, I don't know anything, but if it works the same way as text tabs, you would change it so that wherever the capo rests on the guitar, that becomes the open notes.

So for example, if the capo was on the 4th fret, the 4th fret becomes an open note, the 5th fret becomes the 1st fret, the 6th fret becomes the 3rd and so on.
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