a few things.

first off, hello. my name is dan. i just started playing guitar w days ago (although ive attempted to learn in spurts over the years.) ive been playing piano for a bit over a year, although you wouldnt be able to tell. i was wondering, now i know the most important thing is to just keep practicing, but are there any tips on how to perform barre chords, whether it be relative to positioning or whatever?

also, im having trouble understanding the multiple patterns for scales. i know how to develop a scale, i'm just having a hard time understanding the patterns for some reason. maybe over thinking, or underthinking.

That's because there's nothing to "understand" in the patterns themselves.

First thing you need to learn is the notes on your guitar fretboard. Scales are just sequences of notes across a single octave, a group of pitches that function in a certan way and that usually sound good together. Locate all the instances of those notes on the guitar and you get your scale patterns, but they're just incidental, a quirk of the guitar.

The notes and intervals of the scale are the bit you need to understand and the sounds it contains...a group of dots on a fretboard diagram isn't going to tell you any of those things.
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thank you, spoo much. turns out i was over thinking. now do you have any suggestions on how to memorize the notes, effectively?
Guitar Fretboard Workbook by Barrett Tagliarino is a good book for learning the fretboard. Accompanying that with some theory from a book like Music Theory For Guitarists by Tom Kolb or musictheory.net would probably help reinforce that. In both of those books major/minor scales are talked about in about the first 5 chapters so that will help you not only learn some scales, but also reinforce that knowledge with learning the theory behind them and then build on that so you can get to learn them inside and out.