i was wondering if any other musicians do this

when i tune up, i sometimes like to drop everything a quarter step. so, from standard tuning, halfway between e and eb.

anyone else do this or know of any bands that do? i think that the unicorns did it on one of their albums but it was more like an eighth of a step (-20 or 30 hz i think)
Pretty sure Van Halen did a 1/4 flat sort of tuning on their first album, somewhere between D# and E.
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Iron Maiden used to tune to 435. (440 is concert pitch.) So, it wasn't quite a quarter tone, but still flat.
I think Pantera used to do it. Some AC/DC sound a bit off when played in standard as well
Can I just say it's a very bad idea to do this, if at an early stage in your playing career you get your idea of pitch from an out of tune (and it is out of tune!) guitar, you could be in a lot of trouble later on.
i agree that its a bad idea to do this early on because it could mess with ear training

but i think it can be useful later on
i do it because of comfort (vocal range)