Hey guys,

I love to practice certain techniques with a piece of music I want to be able to play one day. If I just have a exercise out of context I can get kinda bored and for me its key to be able to stick with the exercise for months and play it every day.

For sweeping I had some 5 string arpeggios but I got bored and after some time concentrating on alt. picking, legato, some simple tapping and string skipping (basically andy james songs) I want to add one sweep picking exercise to my routine.

For me one of the greatest solos (and which I want to be able to play in future) is the Best of Times solo, especially the version by Dr. viossy Best of Times - solo cover.

At 1:52 minutes is a big 6 string sweep sequence which I want to use as my sweep picking exercise, but I find it really hard to figure out what exactly he does there, even though I watched the lick dozens of times on the slowest VLC player setting.

There is a great guitar pro file out there for the solo, but it differs from Dr. Viossy's version.

Maybe some really great guitarists on here can help me out with it and tell me how to play the sweeping part.

Thanks guys
I´m not really sure what exactly you mean, is it the slightly different timing or the movement on the e string?
Compared to the tab this guy skips the 3rd on the low e in the f major and g major arpeggio and adds the 3rd on the low e in the second inversion of the f major to have this cute movement.

Shapes only, its the same kind of stuff petrucci showcased in his rock discipline video.

--------15------------------------------- 17------------------------------------19---------------------
----15------------------------------- 17------------------------------------20--------------------------

Last shape should be pretty similar to the tab.

Is this what your question was about?
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Its kinda to explain. Shape-wise its the same, I do know that.

But I'm not quite sure when the hammer ons on both e strings occur (on the e string he always plays the maj 3rd, right?)!? And in the first measure of the lick he play through each arpeggio 2 times, so 2xF and 2xG, but he doesnt quite finish the last G arpeggio and then moves on to some shape that is definately not tabbed in the guitar pro tab.

I would be really grateful if you could alter the guitar pro tab the way you think viossy plays it and post it here (or send me an e-mail?)
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This comes close to what I think he intends to play. Exactly tabbing what you hear makes no sense with these kind of ad libitum parts mainly because its a bitch and also there is a good chance you are dealing with unintended random flaws . Also I used doubletime, tabbing in 32th is obnoxious.

I think your best approach would be to just learn cycling the shapes I posted earlier and connecting them.
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Thanks a lot man.

I used the gp5 file I postet in my 1st post and used a combination of facecut's version and what I figured out myself just now. I think it comes kinda close to viossy's version and sounds alright to me.

Maybe you guys can comment on my version

best of times gp5

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So you are pretty much saying that on the low e string, he just plays 1 note instead of 2? Or maybe he plays the maj 3rd on the low e string, but it also looks like Viossy doesnt quite finish the last G maj arpeggio and jumps straight to the F maj C-shape arpeggio.

Here a new version of, when listening to it the B on the 16th frets seems to be the last note played in the G maj arpeggio, so I think it ends there.

Best of times solo gp 5
Yes I´m sure he is not doing any hammers on the low e, just 1 note per string with the exception of the high e. It´s a common version of the shape, petrucci himself showcased it on his instructional video.
Timing-wise I think its ok now but at the end I think he adjusts it to be an the beat again. you are really making it hard for yourself trying to exactly copy what is a result of him playing a bit random there. Maybe he wanted to do something like a progression in repetitions, going from quarters to triplets to 8th. If it´s supposed to be that it didn´t come out very well. Don´t get me wrong here I think this guy is really good.

You could easily do these little timing adjustments with alteration of the arpeggio-length once you can comfortably cycle the shapes. Do a nice and clear version for practice purpose, don´t work on too many dimensions at once. Doing the exact tabbing stuff is great exercise and training though, I just would not try to play it like that right away.
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Awesome man I will keep my gp5 version in the back of my head and start practicing the actual cycles like you explained. At full speed there doesnt seem to be too much of a difference anyway