Hi guys, I have a behringer vamp2. I have heard and read many posts that if you want to get the best out of this device, you need monitors/pa speakers/keyboard amplifiers/flat response device etc. etc.

Now I am not much of a technical person. I will tell you what things I own and can you please guide me as to how I can maximize the sound from this device either with what I have (best case scenario) or in the cheapest way possible.

I have vamp2, hp620 laptop, sound blaster usb sound card (only two slots, one for speakers or headphones and other for mic). I have average pc speakers (edifier e3100) and I have a small yamaha practice amp (ga-10). This thing only has a headphones jack and a guitar input jack

Also I have read some discussion about cabniet by pass option in vamp2 and with varying opinions on whether to have it on or off. Can someone guide me as to how to make the most of vamp2 with what I have and with investing minimum ammount as posssible.

thank you very much!
I had one of these and ran it through a 4 channel mixer in stereo. It was very tedious to get a good sound out of my fender 212. Good for recording though. From mixer to computer and I'm sure I was still using Sony acid software at the time.
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