It makes me blush to ask this but how do I run the workstation to my vox without getting any of the vox tone. I pretty much want the tone from the gnx3000 and that's it. Is this even possible? Thanks guys
In order for you to bypass the Vox tone (preamp) the amp would need to have an effects loop which it does not.

The best way to go would be to set the Vox up so that you choose the cleanest amp model from the choices available and set all tone/eq controls to 12 O'clock position as this typically equates to 0 effect..in other words counter clockwise reduces the effect, and clockwise increases...as for the effects section turn those so they are off.

Basically you are setting your Vox to as clean/neutral a tone as it can offer. Then connect your GNX3000 to the input of the Vox and go for it. It should sound pretty good if you know how to setup good patches on that unit.
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My friend thank you so much. I hope santa clause hooks you up this year lol. Seriously thank you agian