I am looking at buying my first piece of recording equipment, i just want something good, easy to set up and not $3000 haha i am looking at the Line 6 POD Studio GX, if you could give me some opinions on that or something similar it would be much appreciated.

I own the Pod Studio GX and can say that for beginners it's good. There may be better stuff but i think for this Price you can go ahead with it. I have it many years now and still work with it. The Soundbank also is nice and has a good Variation on sounds. And even more if you get Podfarm2.0
Recommending other Interfaces like that is out of my knowledge. But the GX would be a good choice in my opinion.
It depends - what kind of stuff do you wanna record, what stuff do you already own, and what's your budget?
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Do you have a decent laptop or computer?

There are many incredible pieces of recording software out there which I would highly recommend is so. Logic, Cubase, etc. Even free or very cheap software is very impressive nowadays.
Seriously, no responses are required - chatterbox272 said everything that needs saying. All answers are covered in the sticky.
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