This is a song that was rejected by my band, that's the only reason i'm uploading it here, I normally don't upload my demos.
The style is probably alternative Rock, kinda hard to define my own music sometimes.


The lyrics are on spanish, but i'm gonna try to translate them here. It's about occidental vs oriental conception of live, love, desire, etc.

Verse 1
Desire I feel desire
All the time, every moment
I try to control,
sometimes i can avoid to finish.

Verse 2
I'm sorry for unveiling our secrets to humanity
It's time to take our masks off
Everytime I see a pair of tits, I can't hold myself to look and want to lick them
I'm an animal, not God.

Chorus 1
This society doesn't let me act
nor make me remember that i have conciousness today,
There are Glorious things, as sea with their seagulls.
They are worth waiting for, Don't look for eternity!

Verse 3
I Desire not to Desire
Be like the Buddha, leave my suffering behind
I can't meditate even 20 seconds
I can't focus myself for 25 minutes
How much I Desire not to Desire

Chorus 2
This society that only looks orgiasmisics
Doesn't let me think
And i can't break these paradigms

Nothing i HAve found in plastics nights
Doesn't let me to love
There's nothing else for me
To look in some other place...

So many times, so many times, it gets me crazy, so many months....

PD: Wow, it's so hard to translate to english the essence of the song, whatever, I care more about the music critic.
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