so I just got this dunlap crybaby and I hooked into my spider 4 15w and all I can get is an auto wah out of it I have no control whatsoever ive tried everything to figure it out one thing my amp started doing recently that it didn't do before is when I dial in the tone I like if I use the tuner switch to another channel or turn of the amp it will be wiped out no matter what I have my knobs turned to and sum times when I turn the chan vol or tremble down a quarter it gets a little louder 4 sum reason neways Ive tried factory reset and everything its still the same does ne one no how to get the wah pedal to work
Please, just please write like a human being. I had to decipher this message before I could fluently read it.

And it's a Line 6 Spider. If it doesn't do that normally (which wouldn't surprise me) it's probably that the programming or electronics of the amp malfunction (which wouldn't surprise me either). I don't think that it's possible to fix let's say a program error on a modelling amp if the factory reset didn't help.

And modelling amps don't work well with pedals. I've never had a problem like this, so I can't say for sure, but you should check the voltage, polarity, battery charge and things like that, and also see that if the pedal has settings they are correct.
Sounds more like there is a problem with the amp and not the pedal.

Oh, yes, some punctuation would be nice. I too had a hard time reading that.
well turns out the pedal was broke I took it back 2 guitar center and they checked it out and that's what they told me thx 4 the help I like the line 6 better myself I like the convience and not having to spend a fortune on different pedals and I really like the sound tho ive heard some people say they sound 2 digital but 2 me there awesome and im poor so yeah and my language its not me its the pc it types my words wrong and im 2 lazy to fix em
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