I'm looking for an electric guitar, it will be my first one as I really only play acoustic. I have narrowed it down to either an Epiphone Les Paul Special ii or an Esp Ltd EC-10. I'm a bit stuck for money and in my local music stores they are both roughly €200, although the epiphone is 2nd hand..
I was just wondering if someone could tell me which is a better guitar? I have heard that Ltd's are used mostly in metal and I'm really more of a classic rock or punk rock fan.
So, can anyone give me their opinion?
and ya, thanks and stuff!
I can not speak for the esp ltd. I do however have a special2 and for the the price it is a great guitar. If it is in great shape it would be hard to go wrong on the epiphone. It does seem more suited for your play style to me as well. Play both, plugged into an amp, and go from there. Be sure to toggle between the pickups on each.

Great luck and have fun!

Can you get something like a Vintage, or a Cort? Either would blow that Epi or LTD away.
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LTD's are known more as metal guitars but its not always true, there was a mostly acoustic grungeish band in town once and he used an LTD, worked fine
Where are you located? That Epiphone is WAY overpriced! You can get them new at musicstore.de for €130 (EC-10 is €170).

I'd choose the EC-10, but you should probably just try both and pick the one you like best.
Yeah, those are waaaay overpriced.

I'd go for the LTD but ideally I'd be getting something at least from the 50 series, maybe used.
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