Take a listen to my EP, A Lovely Day For A Stroll On The Moon. I would really appreciate some feedback. It's acoustic, and it's my first real attempt to make serious material. I'm a fourteen-year-old musician, so I don't have too much experience, but tell me what you think please.

A Lovely Day For A Stroll On The Moon

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Sounds great man, I really liked it, particularly the second track. I'd keep working on those songs, and definitely try to get it out there.
So here's my critiques, I guess:
Nice harmonies, both vocal and guitar-wise. The transition in Hello There, around 2:27 seemed just a little too hasty, I think you should think about how you lead into that. The guitar lines around the end of that song sound great. In fact, they reminded me of Pink Floyd, I'm thinking "Dogs" or "Fearless". I'd work on the vocal harmonies in Polly, the higher one sounds a little flat.
But overall, really strong stuff, and very different sounding. I'm glad I checked that out.
I can't thank you enough for that review, man. I'm really glad someone thinks my music is alright.
And as far as the second track goes, I'm particularly proud of that one. But I'll take a look at that one transition and mess with the harmonies on Polly a little more.

But thank you so much! I haven't been too motivated to write new songs recently, but that did the trick.
Hey there,

usually I check UG as a guest. Just a few minutes ago I got an account.
This is my first post actually

Anyway, just wanted to tell you I really liked your songs, they have this cool
60's vibe going for them. Great job. Hello There... Where Have You Been? is probalby the best of the bunch.

Keep up the good work kid!
Thank you very much!
I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music.
I have five or six songs in the pipeline now, so I'll be recording those before the end of July.
Great dude,

you should keep working at it. And post those new songs. I'm quite excited to hear them.

I wish I could play like you do, I'm 23 years old and can barely play basic songs. Let alone sing allong! Then again I have only been playing for 8 or 9 months.
Yeah man, it took me forever to get decent. You should have heard me trying to play crappy Green Day songs a couple years ago!
Really great work, I enjoyed your EP a lot. I hope to hear more songs from you in the future!
I was just wondering was there a slight mistake around 0:47? other than that fantastic work, keep it up!
Thanks! It's great to hear people are liking my music.
Also, yeah, I get a little off rhythm with my 12-string right there. There are a couple more parts in the EP where I would advise you to cover your ears and go: "LA LA LA LA LA!"

Thanks for listening!