Like i'm playing with, let's say, a delay vst on and I want to change settings on the fly while i'm playing...how can I do it without using automation which only lets you have the desired changes in a fixed timeline. I want to be able to turn the knobs on my vst pedals whenever I want like I do with my real pedals.
Connect via MIDI? I'm not sure what kind of VST pedals you're talking about, could you detail your rig and what kind of applications (gigging, recording) this is for?
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You can get midi control pedals, but they're quite expensive. Or if you have a midi keyboard you can use the dials and switches on that to control them. Any midi input device will work. You could even use an xbox360 controller as I think there are midi drivers for them.
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Depending on your DAW, you can map parameters to pretty much any device connected to your computer. Should be easy enough to find in the user manual/online guide if you search for it (maybe start with 'mapping MIDI device controls in _______' or something).
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My DAW is Reaper, and of course I have a Midi Controller...but I have no idea how to map/bind, let's say, the ''feedback'' knob/parameter of the vst delay pedal to my C4 or D3 key on my midi keyboard. Anyway I'm gonna try ''Mapping MIDI device in Reaper'' on google, thanks.
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Just take the time too learn the mappings in Reaper.

If you are lazy/don't wanna put in the time, you could always switch to Ableton live.

Cmd + M key on mac ---> click parameter in live --> press/twist button on physical device --> Linked.

EDIT Just opened Reaper to check for you, because..:

- In reaper open the action tab.
- Search for the parameter in Reaper.
- Click it and press add... (lower left corner).
- Then just twist the knob on your Midi keyboard.

3rd EDIT
with VST pedal you mean the plugin interface right? didn't read correctly.

Then above info should work.

If it does..

..you can use keys, but think about the logic. If you assign it to a rotary knob (like every knob on a pedal ever), then pressing the Controller key will increase it probably with just 1 increment per press (or does nothing at all), which is an impossible workflow if "easy and fast" is what you're going for.

Best have rotary knobs on your midi controller for that.

You could also make entire presets, and link those to your keys, which is probably best.

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I don't have a midi controller, but if you open up an envelope, you should be able to map that. so click the env button on the track with the effect, find the parameter and click learn. based on the description in the window that pops up, I assume that does what you want.