I recently purchased one of these and while it sounds great through the headphones, the amp models sound terrible through the speakers.

I suspected it was due to the speaker cab modeler being on when I'm already putting the signal through speakers, but when I turned it off it sounded horrible, half way between a "amp modeled signal without a speaker model" sound and a regular guitar amp sound.

Either way, this unit is unusable without headphones and I think I'm going to send it back.

The newer unit, the JS-10 touts an added subwoofer and I'm curious if this would correct the problem of the speaker model turned off sounding fizzy and not like a real guitar amp.

Anyone have experience with these things?
to be honest, if you're just using it for guitar, you'd be better off just using headphones, or returning it and getting a line 6 pod and using that with headphones. i couldn't find any specs on the speakers, other than they're freaking tiny, which smacks of utter shite.

and fizziness has to do with high frequencies, so a subwoofer isn't going to do anything to help that.