I'm moving to a new apartment with strict noise policies, so I have a question for you PO HD owners.

1. Will it sound good at low volumes? If so, it should work with my MAUDIO AV40s right?

2. How good is the amp modeling? I run through a jet city jca22h through a g12h30 cabinet.

3. Does it take well to analog pedals?

1. It sounds the same at low volumes as high volumes (with all else being equal). Your monitors will work just fine.

2. The amp modeling is pretty great -- among best modeling you can get for the price.

3. In my experience, it's hit or miss. It doesn't take distortion or OD pedals well at all but you could get away with reverb or delay easily. BUT you probably won't need it. The effects on there are pretty damn good so unless you're looking for something a little more obscure or have very picky taste, you should be good to go.
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