Hey guys, I've been having this irritating problem recently with a couple of strings.

I've tried looking for similar issues people have had but nothing matches my problem.

To be exact, my low E and G string will OCCASIONALLY hum/buzz/make a noise. I've adjusted everything so I don't get any fret buzz when fretting any strings, but this problem occurs on rare occasions when played open.

I don't have it plugged into an amp so its not the amp, but it does come through the amp sometimes when it happens.

I recently changed my strings, before I was only getting this problem with the G string but now with the new strings i'm getting it with the G AND E.

What do?
You may need to let in a little relief. I find the G string will be the first to start buzzing. Just had to do this with my SG. It's a seasonal thing, the bi-annual relief adjustment. .
I had been adjusting the neck, perhaps I should do it more if it prevented it for you.