Just got this one! After a huge nightmare with Canada Post this finally arrived.

The J-custom is still the best guitar Ibanez makes as far as I am concerned (although i haven't played the sugi stuff).

The necks on J-customs are usually a bit fatter than the regular ibanez neck carve..which I LOVE as the old school super thin neck carve most ibanez guitars have is just...too much for me.

As you can tell in the pics, the top is gorgeous and craftsmanship is wicked. Soundwise...its perfect as well.

Overall...the J-custom is still one of my all time favorite production guitars.

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Man, you have the luckiest stool in the world- HNGD!

Waitaminit...the stool is allowed indoors?
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Man, you have the luckiest stool in the world- HNGD!

Waitaminit...the stool is allowed indoors?

Haha Yeah it has been wet, cloudy and miserable in Vancouver for a week or so now. I will take some nice outside pics when it clears up for sure.

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Actually, now that it has been brought up...

That's a pretty f***ing cool stool you have there. Is that part of a set? I'm digging it.

I think I got it from some big chain, i forget which :S
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I'm jelly.

Jizz in my pants will be 5 years old next year ;_;

OT, that's a nice guitar man. No matter what the kids at school tell you, don't trade it for Steve's Chinese Pokemon cards he got from his brother last summer. They're fake!
I want my 3270 back

Looks awesome, should be able to get some nice Schecters for that.

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and the stool
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Nice! HNGD!
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THAT IS PRETTY. Wow. And seriously, where'd you get your stool? HNGD man!

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