Just got a used viper 400 with stock emgs. 81 and 85. Whoever had it last did a poor 18 volt conversion. I switched it back to 9 volts. It looks like he may have messed with some of the other wiring. All of the wiring diagrams I found on the web show the white wires from the pickups connected to the volume pot. Mine are soldered to the tone pot. Can anyone with a viper take a picture of their control cavity? Or tell me how their guitar is wired with a sketch or diagram? It sounds okay, but not great. It may be wired correctly and I just don't like the sound. It's my first experience with active pickups.

Thanks for the help,
It doesn't matter. You're just using the back of the pot as a star ground. It's traditionally done on the back of the volume pot but they should all be wired together anyway. If you have a bad ground it's because it's wired poorly or a connection was missed, not because it's grounded to the tone instead of the volume pot. That should yield the same result.

This is assuming of course that the ground is implemented correctly. If all of your grounds except one of them are to the volume pot, that's weird.