Alright so about a week or so ago I purchased a new Schecter Damien Elite (Floyd Rose) guitar and I am absolutely in love with it. However, the pickups it came with are the EMG 81 and 85 and while they are good pickups for power chords and palm muting, I find that when it comes to single notes they are quite a bit thin sounding and don't have much of a "natural" or full tone even tinkering with my highs and mids can't bring them to sound less thin and tin sounding especially on the higher strings. Anyway, I was looking to purchase the James Hetfield EMGs and obviously are advertised as being the best of both worlds, on one hand having the heaviness of an active pickup but not as sterile or processed, instead having a more natural and warm tone like a passive pickup.

So my question is, has anyone had any experience with the JH set and if so, how much more of a passive pickup do they sound like and do they really have a more organic tone as opposed to being a little sterile, processed and thin sounding?

Any input is appreciated, thanks!!!
The JH set sounds 'different' to a regular 81/60 set. I wouldn't call the bridge pickup any bigger or thicker than the 81, it just merely responds to your playing a bit differently, and looses the polished upper midrange qualities of the 81. I'd only recommend the JH set if you enjoyed the tightness of an 81 but with a more 'passive-like' response and eq.

If you want a passive tone in an active pup, look into the 59/66 set. If you want vanilla passive pickups there's a whole other world of options.
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I have those and I am pretty happy with them, to me it sounds chunkier and more reactive than a classic set of EMGs
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what amp are you playing through?

My current amp is a peavey vypyr 15 W but i will be getting a new Peavey 6505+112 combo in about a month or so
I'd wait until you got the 6505+. It will probably sound quite a bit different. You might like your current set.
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The Het Set sounds really really similar to an 81X/60X set to me.

I would rather have the 81X/60X to save a couple bucks.

They do have a unique look though, there is that.
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you could get a Seymour Duncan distortion and then whatever you want in the neck. the sd distortion sounds incredibly close to a emg 81, with as hot as they make some passives, there is really no reason to get an active, I used to be all about actives, then I switched to passives. never will look back
As suggested, wait until you get your new amp first. 6505+ will sound very thick compared to the Vypyr 15.
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