Hi, i'm a up and coming musician trying to get out there my first written song is up now at the link here >>> "You're Not Alone" And i wanted your feedback on how it is or any fixes that can be made. I know there are others like me writing on random youtube videos but this is what i love and what i will continue to do even if i get knocked down. so it would mean the world to me for you to check it out, share, like or comment to give me some support thank you!
It's actually pretty good, just needs some tweaking. A simple drum track would really make the song pop, just a simple snare and kick sound would really bring the dynamics together. Also, it would be a good idea to focus the vocals more towards the center so it doesn't sound like its echoy, it takes away from the emotion of the actual singing when you add to much reverb or delay to make it sound eerie.