hey guys:
what VST's do you use to mix/master your record, or make it better.
for me, I use BBE sonic maximizer, it's really great to boost the high frequencies or the bass a little.
any opinions?
the one knob plugins bundle from waves are on special today for $49 ( if you get a $50 coupon )

IMO a nice set of simple plugins,... for mastering you would be just touching them
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What kind of plugins are you after? I like the Antress Modern pack, and the Variety Of Sound plugins, as well as REAPER's included plugins (if you're not a reaper user then I recommend checking out the ReaPlugs pack).
Ozone all the way. Even if you don't have it, seek out the user manual and refer to it every time you're mastering something. It's been invaluable to me.
I like Reaper for it's relative simplicity while still being a great sounding VST.
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Ok, here's my 100% freeware VST effect 'rack'.

COMPRESSION: Density Mk3, Thrillseeker LA, Molot, RoughRider

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I've got a zip folder with a full setup of freeware VST plugins sorted carefully into folders. I uploaded it so with my company we can download it (along with a customised portable install of Reaper) and have a full mixing environment on any Windows system.

However, since it's already there you might as well download it if it's of any use to you!
Waves RennMaxx for mixing everything.

Waves IR-L as my only reverb for the mix (I use my amp's spring verb for my guitar).

Cytomic's The Glue (now a native part of Ableton) for quick mastering, otherwise I pay a mastering engineer for my professional releases.
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