I’m in the market for a budget to mid range acoustic (or electro acoustic), looking for an all rounder playing mostly rock, blues and pop.

I’ve been playing (or rather learning for 18months and although my playing is now starting to come along I’m not going to be headlining Wembley any time soon.

My only experience with an acoustic is a cheap (£20) dreadnought I got of ebay in a drunken moment (that ebay mobile app should come with a warning!) and unsurprisingly its hardly playable with a action that’s sky high

The new guitar will most likely just for home use, although who knows what the future may bring and would like to get something that will do me a few years.

Will be heading to one of the big stores soon (most likely andertons or guitarguitar {UK}) to try a few out, but after a few opinions before hand so I don’t go in blind and have a few lined up try.

Budget is up to £300 but can maybe be stretched a little if there’s something that really stands out and/or good value. For example I notice the taylor big baby (at £390) comes with a nice gig bag, which I will want for what ever I get, so doesn’t actually push the price that much when you take it into account.

Other than the big baby the Yamaha range has caught my eye. Namely the fg700 and the smaller elctro apx500ii, seem to get glowing reviews and seem good value for money.

Any opinions on these or what else should I check out?
I found the Yamaha apx is really easy to play and comfy but it only sounds good when its plugged in
The Fg 700 Yami series has been recommended in this forum a few hundred times at least.
I still have a 340 I got 40 odd years ago. Cheers
yamaha FG700 should be in or near your price range, and it's a good guitar. i don't care for the yamaha APX, as it sounds boxy, but it does sound okay plugged in and it is more comfortable to play than a dread.
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Hard to go wrong with the Yamaha FG series, in your price range you should be able to choose between the fg700, 720 or 730.

Have fun looking