Hey can anyone help me please? I'm just some guy that wants to record music that I write because I can't, for the life of me, find a band. I already have a set up that is petty questionable. Yeah, it gets the job done but the recording quality sucks. I have a Tascam DR-05 Handheld Recorer, Audacity, the demo of Guitar Pro 6, an auxilliary cable and a Roland Cube 40xl. I don't have any basses or a drumkit, which is why I use Guitar Pro.
Anyway, my main question is: Using this and as little money as possible, can I do to make a decent recording of a song?
Help would be thanked ''kindly''.
All my hobbies are expensive, pls $$donate to my cause$$
Define decent?
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First,... Move to Reaper for $65 ?

then if you need drums MAYBE EZdrummer $99 ? with a good midi library ( move up to better options Sure there's ALOT of options but for more Money,... IF you decide to more up ..that's another question... )

Effects Just buy EZmix V2 for $99 ? ( yes again education gives you the Wave range Mercury for $ 6400) but EZmix will save you ALOT of time and education to get a good sounding track.

IMO ....this $300 odd dollars,... will give you the cheapest workflow with smallest learning curve with the most positive sound tracks.

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Reaper, use stock or free VSTs found all over the net, Steven Slate Drums Ex for $99 and you're set.
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do not disagree just would like to add effects are a complex thing education is needed...........

so to avoid that Large issue if you want to,... try Ezmix.

( tho I can see there is reason to spend the time to learn it all ,. if that what you want,. all cool, GO HARD !! )
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Reaper, use stock or free VSTs found all over the net, Steven Slate Drums Ex for $99 and you're set.

Yeah, that's the way to go Reaper is ACE

BUT you won't make a decent recording straight away - it takes skill and practice. You need to learn how to use the tools.

Try this forum:


and Brandon's e-books Killer Home Recording are the most comprehensive concentration of the knowledge you need - so save up and get them - in the mean time look for tips on the forum, elsewhere on the net, youtube etc. Your first objective should be to understand EQ and compression.
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As has been said, get REAPER. Then some drum software (EZDrummer or Steven Slate Drums). For bass parts use REAPER's pitch shift plugin to shift your guitar down an octave.