I've had UG on my favorites and have visited almost every day for the past year to look up tabs, but haven't gotten around to checking out the forum until now.

After reading through a bunch of posts, it seems like a happening place, so why not jump in?

I've been playing electric for about a year, ever since a friend accidentally left his electric guitar at my place (he was moving to a new apartment), and said I could play it until he came back for it. Previously, I had tried to learn acoustic, but I just couldn't get into it since it took so much huffing and puffing just to get one nice sounding chord.

I thought electric would be the same, till I played my first power chord.

Long story short, I've been playing about an hour a day (sometimes sessions as long as 4-5 hours straight) since then and enjoyed every moment of it. I've picked up techniques from friends and trial and error, but am hoping to improve even more.
Welcome. stay outta the pit. that is all.
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