Hey everyone we've been getting requests for demo videos and samples of our pickups we were wondering what exactly you guys want out of those and what you think is lacking from ours or the "average" pickup demo. Thanks!
I'd like to see the SAME EXACT guitar used with the different pickups played through the same exact amp with the same settings. I hate when people do vids with two completely different guitars.

Don't use some obscure amp either.

Clean, crunch and high gain would be nice.

Would love to see a deathbar vid 7 string, since I've been looking at them for sometime now and I'm still undecided.
Could you please, please keep your posts to one thread. We're trying to strike a balance here between advertising and a company interacting on the forums, and I think I've asked a few times if you could just stay in the one 'Lace' thread to keep things consistent and avoid threads like these that could be considered promotional.

Thanks. Last time I'll ask.