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I currently use a Squier John 5 tele (two humbuckers) for my metal/heavy rock stuff, and a 72 Thinline (semi hollow with two wide-range humbuckers) for my ambient/worship music. I'm looking to get a third guitar that has a different sound, and right now I'm pretty set on getting a solid body tele with a single coil in the bridge, but I've been trying to figure out what to do for the neck. I'm debating between a wide range humbucker, a Filtertron/TV Jones of some kind, or a P-90, and I'd like some suggestions.

The tone I'm looking for in the neck is somewhat hot (but not crazy), and really jangly and punchy, something that would do well for ska with the tone wide open, but can be more subdued if I roll the tone off. Budget for the pickup is probably $150 or less. Here are some examples of the tone I have in mind

Warning: This is a Green Day song. I'm not proud, but I love the tone.

The Hives. I prefer the tone on the live version.

TL;DR-Hot-ish neck pickup to match a tele bridge pickup that is jangly with some bite to it. Thanks in advance.
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I'm not a Tele guy by any means, but I thought that the Tele "jangle" came from the bridge? And the point of the neck is to offer a warmer, more traditional sounding alternative?
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