It was great overall. Almost like a bluesy sort of feel. I think you should use a whammy in there somewhere to add more flavor. I also think the part at 0:51 how you hold the note down. It would sound cool for an intro or something before you start soloing. I would suggest to have a more solid beat with the drums at some point in the song, i know the song was more focused on the solo but the drums were a little distracting at times. Overall it was a cool solo!

My song mostly consists of riffs, but is has a lot of lead parts.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1605492
I liked it. Like the guy above me said it was a really mellow solo with a bluesy sort of feel!
The drums could have been a little more basic though, just something with a constant beat but other than that I'v got no complaints!
How long have you been playing?

C4C: https://soundcloud.com/ditchn-quincy/01-you-said-no
I think your phrasing needs a bit of work, maybe change a few licks here and there. It seems like maybe this was improved? I think its got good tone and flow, I agree with the drums tho. Its very carlos santana, which is great. IF your going for that kind of style look into how he plays his licks and what kicks he chooses.

Very close to the verge of saying it was great but not quite.