Hey peoples! I've just recorded an interesting metal instrumental. The mix is kinda rough, but clear. Here's the link. Please comment on the Soundcloud page - all comments are appreciated! Here's the link Click on this thing!

I've also uploaded two other songs (not instrumental, but vocals have not been recorded yet). I suggest you check out Ascending, as I think it's the cooler song of the two. It smacks of melodic death metal.
Hey peoples


The problem with your song is the fact the rhythm guitar is too quiet, IMO. And guitars lack power, you could use other distortion and double tracked them.
I agree with you. Like I said on the soundcloud page, It was recorded pretty hastily, and was not intended to be the final mix. I might redo the guitars today, or just double track them (or both). Thanks for your comment though, although I was looking more for comments/criticism about the content, and not the recording quality.
Ha-ha, sorry, I was too lazy to criticize it Now I listened to the song again. I like the solos in the first half and that melodic clean interlude after the solos. It changes into a dissonant part and strangely this change doesn't sound harsh. The next parts are OK, but I didn't really remember them.
Overall, not a bad effort It's in Drop D/D standard, am I right?
Thanks, and no, it's in E standard. I have a floyd rose bridge, and it's a bitch to switch tunings. Also, I firmly believe that one can write write heavy music without having to resort to drop tunings (although I'm not anti low tunings).
I totally agree with you, I write my own stuff in E standard and don't really see a reason to go lower. I play bass, so if you want to record a bass line for you, I could try that
Haha, no thanks. I write all of my music - guitar, bass and drums. My friend has a bass that I can borrow, but I want to write out all the basslines, and then just knock out the recordings in one day. I want to write at least an album's worth of music, and then look for musicians to play with (I live in New York City, so it shouldn't be that hard). But I'd like to do all the writing before I get musicians because I work better alone (creatively, not practically - I'm not a one man band)
Btw, I intend to keep posting new recordings over the summer, so check back every now and then for new jams,
I've uploaded a new work in progress song HERE

It's a pretty cool metal song. No bass or vox yet, as usual, and the mix is raw so I'm not looking for a critique of the mix. Please leave comments on the soundcloud page, and let me know know here if you did, and if you want me to critique your own stuff.