So I recorded this with a producer who in the past few years has worked exclusively with grime artists - considering this I think it's turned out okay, considering it's not been mixed or anything yet. What I'm looking for more is some constructive criticism - I wrote this about a year ago and it's definitely lacking any form of chorus, this I'm aware of, but if anyone has anything they'd like to advise me on, shoot! I'm back in the studio in 8 days time and I have ample time to re-compose and re-record, as well as record some more recent material I've wrote.
First off I would like to say I think, musically, this is really solid. For the rhythm guitar, I would definitely recommend doubling or quadrupling the tracks. I think you could use a little more lead melody throughout the piece. This is just an idea, but I thought the part were the guitars first enter would sound pretty badass if you take the melody up and octave and add a harmony on top of it when it repeats, but that's just a personal thing Other than that, I think it's a pretty cool track and hope it turns out well for you.
Hey thanks man! Rhythm is definitely being doubled up... although I guess I could do a 'tallica and quad it, I'd imagine that to sound pretty immense! It's still completely un-mixed so all of that will be done in the coming weeks - whenever my producer gets around to it really. :P
I'll definitely jam some more lead ideas and jam upping the octave and adding that harmony and see how it sounds. My lead playing is nowhere near as strong as my rhythm as I've never really focused on lead, but I am writing a song for my next session which is littered with a lot more lead work, nothing spectular, more melodic focused than fast blistering shred stuff. But yeah I've improved a fair bit since I originally wrote "newshabang" so who knows, I may have a moment of genius! I sure hope it works out too, I've been trying to get somewhere with music for a good 8 years now!