I'm looking at getting a Boss ME-50 but as it's no longer manufactured I'm also looking at the Me-25. The 25 doesn't seem to have the same features as the 50 though. Anyone used both? Which is better? I can get a used 50 for cheaper. Is that the way to go?
I'm not saying anything bad about the ME-50, but to be completely honest, there probably was a reason it was discontinued.

With that said, I have had the ME-25 before and found it a bit underwhelming. The modulation on it was decent, but the overdrive/distortion tones were thin and lifeless, and very digital sounding. I would imagine I could expect the same from the 50 or even 70.

I have heard great things about the GT series, but I have long since moved away from MFX units.

What's your budget?

What are you trying to accomplish?
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I hear they use false bypass switches.

It's, like, so ironic.
I don't have a budget really. I find what I want and scrimp til I have enough. I want a cheaper way of having effects than using 5 or 6 individual stomp boxes that cost $75 to $200 a piece. But I don't want an amp and cab modeler either. The main reason I like the ME-50 is because It has 3 stomps that control distortion, modulation, and delay. Each stomp has controls like an individual box does. The wah, compressor, and noise suppressor are nice add ons too.
I have the ME-50 and for what I use, it's really all I need, sure the overdrive/distortion can be a bit hard to dial in sometimes but for a mid range MFX unit I think it's just fine. I've spoken with people who have gotten the ME-70 and some even went as far as saying that they would take the ME-50 over the ME-70.
The ME50 & 70 are great pieces of kit - basically a selection of individual stompboxes all on the same unit. Some of the ODs & distortions aren't great, but they do everything else well enough.

The ME25 claims to be the same, but it actually uses patches primarily so in truth it works very differently.

There are always loads of used ME50s on ebay, I'd definitely recommend one of those over the ME25. I had the ME50 for years and was never disappointed with it.
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I'm not saying anything bad about the ME-50, but to be completely honest, there probably was a reason it was discontinued

actually the me50 was/is the best of the boss multifx. Marketing changed it from 50 to 70 when they added a looper and starting building them with cheaper components. I "upgraded" from 50 to 70 but took the 70 back after A-B'ing them. The ME70 is a ripoff.

TS, if you're like me and use a multifx mainly for practice, you may want to check out the Zoom G3 too. My ME50 has been gathering dust since I got the G3. The ME does sound better loud though.
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I am in no way in expert on this, but for the price I love the ME-50. It does everything I want it to. Basically, you just have to mess with it for a long time to get the tones you want though.
I had an ME-50. Sold it because it's mediocre.

now I have a phaser, a delay, EQ, and a compressor. They're good, but I'm going to want different ones eventually.
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I realize it's probably more mediocre than individual pedals, but since it has basically the same controls as a real pedal I can mess around with the different effects to see if I want to drop the cash for something good that I'll use all the time. For instance, I don't plan on getting a wah pedal because I don't know if I'd enjoy using it much. Having it on the ME lets me try out the basic idea of using wah. If I like it then I might get a dedicated wah pedal, but I doubt that I'll use it much so I probably won't get one.
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On the other hand, it has a noise suppressor. If I mess around with that and like how it works and I start using that feature constantly then I'll probably end up getting one for sure.
Meh. I'd get a Pod HD or an M9. Boss multi-fxs arent all that great.
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]Why can't you opt for the Line 6 POD HD? I played with one in store, seems really neat, you can even use amp sims for headphone practice, recording, even gigging.
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Meh. The ME-70 is the only ME worth getting IMO. The WYSIWYG aspect of the MEs is cool. I think they're fine units if you don't use any of the dirt.

They do have a point about the POD HD though.
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A Zoom MS50G will give you up to 6 FX for $100 (less with a discount, which is usually available).

I'm going to come in the defense of the ME-25. The Freeze effect is awesome and the 38 sec looper is nice. You can get good sounds out of it. It's biggest drawback is poor footswitch flexibility and lack of a good display for programming. I keep the ME-25 around if nothing more than throwing it in the chain for the freeze.