I have been in this band for about a year and a half and we are having problems shifting focus to our goals. We are currently a cover band of heavy metal/metal core type songs. I really want to start writing material and to pick a band name. The thing that seems to be holding us back more than anything is simply uncertainty because we are unsure about the process of songwriting. What makes it worse is that we all have a little bit different tastes in music and we are all stubborn you know. I want this band to succeed because they are some of my best friends but I don't know how we can manage to get away from covers and start doing our own thing. I would appreciate some tips about how you guys go about the songwriting process. Also what do you think is best to do when a person is not completely with their band's direction and ideas, is it best to stay with them anyway? I don't know if it is actually holding me back in what I want to do musically. It is tough sometimes. Any tips would be great.

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Song writing isn't for everyone, but carry a pen and pad around with you and when you get an idea jot it down, eventually it'll come to you, just don't force it. Also you need to drop that guy, if he's vibing you negatively he's only holding you back. A lot of times it's not easy to work with friends. One other thing if you all have a little bit different tastes, try blending them, who knows you may come up with something unique.
If you're all stubborn about what you play then you are not really going to get anywhere, are you? You say that you really want to start writing original material, but do the others?

You don't say that you've really jammed out any ideas so I will assume that you haven't. It's probably worth jamming with a "no genre" rule. i.e. just jam but don't say (for example) "lets jam a *insert subgenre* metal song". If you do jam something that everyone thinks sounds cool then you've got an idea to work on that wasn't an idea stipulated by a genre.

If you can agree on anything after that then you probably want to find some other musicians who want to do play the same thing as you. As you are playing covers then you must have agreed on those covers so why not just play that genre of music. I have a feeling that you might be stubborn over stupid subgenres i.e. one wants to play deathcore, but another only likes metalcore. Which is bullshit
I guess but my fellow guitarist is one who likes to choose ALL of the songs. Honestly I am a bit more of a rock guy than metal. That is the issue I guess, I mean they don't want to play LED ZEPPELIN. It is quite unfortunate but they are my friends.
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Its alright to drop a guy man! We dropped a drummer because all he did was criticize us. Said our lyrics were crap, and music was crap, and was just an ass in general. Turns out, without him, the fans like our "crap" music.