As the title says, this is the first song I've ever written. I feel like there are a few parts which don't transition too well though. Critique please
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Bars 1-42 were AWESOME, when the electric guitars kicked in it became really epic!
43-58 are OK, but you'd better add a transition between bars 42 and 43. It changes very suddenly. It's like the song was fast and furious, but then crushed into something and almost stopped.
59-68 are meh, these power chords sound boring compared to the epic intro.
68-80 - nice solo, fits the intro and the verse (?) nicely.
88-104 again it changes all of a sudden and not in a good way. Kinda chaotic riff.
Then again a riff the same as in 59-68.
112-129 cool solo, which ends the song nicely.

If you work on the song, it'll be really good! It has a nice epic feeling at half of the parts which I adore.
Came up with a new riff to transition from 42-43. Changed 59-68. Replaced 88-104 with the new riffs from 59-68 and the 42-43 transition. Tell me what you think!
Bored v1.1.gp5
Much, much better! Is it really your first song?! It's really epic! My only complaint now is that you could make it longer, you know, to make the epicness longer!