I feel like a complete idiot, but I have no idea where to turn for this. I have an ESP LTD DJ600. The Dan Jacobs with blood graphics, explorer style shape. My mother bought this for me ages ago (she's a bit flamboyant) and I am not experienced with the Floyd rose set up, so it needs some adjusting. It's in great condition aside from a small chip in the paint in the corner (damn that explorer shape). My dilemma is that I'm moving and have no real use for the guitar, I'm wanting to sell it with the coffin case it's resting in, but I can't quite figure out how to price it. No music shops on the island I live on, and the guitar originally retailed for 1499, but is no longer being made. A guy here offered $400 but I felt like I'd be better off taking it to the bigger city I'm moving to and trying my luck there. Any suggestions on pricing or how to figure out the worth of this guitar? It's a bit sentimental and I'm a little sad that its been discontinued so I wouldn't be able to replace it in the future. But I really am trying to downsize my life (thanks for the pack-rat tendencies mom). Please shoot some ideas, I know I'm an idiot, I probably don't need reminding lol.
It may have retailed for $1499 but I can guarantee that was not street price. Retail doesn't mean jack shit, it's just a useless number that stores use to make you think you're getting an "amazing deal" when they sell you a guitar at street (normal) price.

The 600 series LTDs usually go for $800-1000.

That guitar in particular is going to be tough to sell, especially now that Atreyu is on hiatus. You'd have the most luck eBaying it. I have read that if you just take it to UPS, they will box it up for you and ship it for you, so you don't have to worry about the logistics of doing that yourself.

$400 isn't a bad deal, considering that otherwise you probably won't sell it at all. If you can find someone to give you $500 for it, take it and run.

eBay might give you a lot more or a lot less. It's a gamble, but if you want you can always start the bid at $400 and see what happens. Keep in mind that you will lose a percentage for eBay and Paypal's cuts. But that's the trade off for almost guaranteeing a sale.

EDIT: Looks like I was spot on, there are two completed listings on eBay, they both sold for $500. Here if you want to look:


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