Riffs were pretty good, although the last bit of the chorus was a bit too dissonant for my liking. What's up with those time signatures, though? Make it 4/4 and split them into more bars, makes it much easier to read.
Thank you for the critique.

My time sigs tend to be longer for the sake of working faster/easily. Well, that and the fact that I tend to switch between even and odd time sigs such as 7/4 and 5/4 within a single piece.
Having everything 4/4 Forces me to scroll like crazy though something long just to make a tiny change, but to each their own.
60+ views and only one critique?
I know I'm breaking the rules, but dang!
Well. You do know that one 16/4 measure equals to 4 measures of 4/4 right ?
So why changing the key signature to make it all fit into one measure ? (same thing with 8/4 btw :P )

Anyway. Pretty nice, it sounds very good in the mp3 file you shared, but still the end (14th bar to the end) isn't that good to my opinion, because the first guitar "riff" is kinda weak. Though I'm quite interested in which software you used to make the guitars sound like this. Is this the GP sound ? :O