I have a copy stratocaster that im interested in tuning down to drop b. i also have a jackson pro x flying v with floyd rose tremolo that i have tuned into drop c. i know with the jackson you have to tighten the screws so that the bridge is level to the body. with the stratocaster the bridge is fixed. How do i know how much to tighten the strings when tuning down to drop B?
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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.

Just get thick strings and tune down. Anything 11-56 or higher will work fine. I use 12-60 for C Standard, Drop B is C# Standard with a dropped 6th string. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of options for gauges that heavy, but just try some different sets, you'll find one you like.

If your bridge is fixed, you don't have to worry about it. If it's not, just treat it the same way as a floyd when balancing.
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Whenever you change to a new size, or even brand, of string, you will need to tweak your action/playability.
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Are you adjusting the truss rod as well? If you not you could have major problem later on.