hi here ... ;

big probs getting my diy-guitar sounding at least decent .

very hard to get it in tune at any fretboard positions,
if i tune it so that it sounds - clean - on some frets then it's totally out of tune on some other part of the fretboard ... does that make any sense ?

my own interpretation is that it's about the tailpiece assembly or bridge settings
but that's just a lucky shot in the dark ):

i can deal with the humming and sihhing of this 70euro "fun-project"
if i only got it to sound "beautiful and nice" so to push me on with it ....
maybe later on i'd go buying decent mics for it .

if someone could come up with a workaround
for any issues provided in the video attached to this post .


There we go ...

zergei W .
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You could just try telling us what the problem is?

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