It is a member of the guitar family and a bit of the flavour of the month at the moment. I've got 4 in various baskets on Amazon and ebay, they have been there for about a month. Finger on the button but which to pick ( pun not intended ).

Soprano size, well it is the classic uke and less is more but they just sound so bloody awful. But their size means they fit into the glove box on my VW Ttransporter (a T5 not a cool one).

Ibanez soprano uke £42 or Ohana bottom of the range at £49.

Concert size. Slightly bigger with a better sound but we are already starting to look like a guitar for fairies, which a uke probably is anyway. But it's bigger, that's not the point with a uke surely.

Ibanez concert uke £52 or a strange looking Peavey at £59.

They all have their pros and cons and are all probably made in China but at these prices the only question is Musical instrument or Toy? Anyone know these Ukes, Ukes in general and could recommend anything (not the sponge bob uke at £20 please). I intend to leave it in the VW and play it at traffic lights.
As primarily a mandolin player I intend to tune it GDAE, which may involve swapping some strings around and play mandolin chords on it. Just to be weird. Any thoughts (apart from 'your weird').