Hello, all. I just had a quick question about a specific part of the re-stringing process. It is going to sound silly, but honestly no one showed me how to string a guitar and I've noticed everyone seems to do it differently than I do.

When I'm putting a string on, I will wrap it around the machine head and THEN slide it through the slot on top of the wrapping, then tune it up to pitch. I got curious at some point and decided to look up some 'stringing guides', and it seems every one mentions as soon as you put the string through the bridge and pull it slack up to the head, you should put it through the machine head's slot and THEN wrap it around (they also talk about 'looping it' or 'wrapping it under'; it just seemed intuitive to me that if the part sticking out of the machine head should be on top of the wrap, why not just wrap it and then slot it through over top?) When I first tried stringing my guitars, I would immediately slide it through and then wrap it around like they seem to suggest, but it didn't really work due to my horrendous technique :P Like I said, I just kind of figured it out for myself and I'm sure I have some bad habits.

My only question is, does it matter at all? Does anyone else wrap it around and THEN slide through before tuning up?

This may belong in the beginner forum as it is an admittedly nooby question, but I've been playing for years and want to preserve my dignity! :P Thanks for the answers!
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The idea is that when you thread the string through the tuner, you then loop the string back on itself and kind of clamps its self in place if that makes sense. In theory it means the string will slip less and wont fall out of tune as much...

Like this..
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When people try to explain stuff like that my head nearly explodes.

Do it like the picture.
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Lol I know what you mean, it's not easy to explain this stuff :P Okay I understand the looping thing kind of now; so if that diagram is to be followed you guys don't wrap the string around at all really?
Correct. My strings are usually only wrapped 1/4 to 1/2 way around the post. Never had a problem with this method.

Basically the more string you have wrapped around the peg, the more string has to stretch, and the longer it takes for the tuning to stabilize.
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Awesome, thanks for all the quick responses you guys. I'll definitely try this the next time I re-string. It's not like my guitar doesn't play properly using my method, but by all accounts this should work better :P