I have an ibanez sz320 with noisy pots, it's the volume knob of the bridge humbucker that gives me problem, I don't have problems just when I turn the volume knob up or down by the way, it seems that the guitar produces random clicks and pops even when i'm not touching the knob. Now, how do I go about changing them ? Is there a recommended high quality type to buy ? Will it be expensive to replace them ?
I know absolutely nothing about this kind of stuff.
Here you go. It's a telecaster but the only difference between that and your guitar is the number of pots and that you get at them from the back cavity instead of the front plate.


Pots are cheap, even the good ones are less than $10 in most places. You'll want a 500K audio taper (some people like linear; you can look up the difference, but your guitar probably came with audio) pot. Any place like Mojotone or TubeDepot will have what you need. CTS, Alpha, CGE are all good. You don't need long shaft pots. Pull the knobs off of your pots to check what kind of shaft (knurled coarse/fine, smooth) you need.